$50,000 profit reached

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3 Responses

  1. Cassini says:

    Congratulations! sportpunter isn’t cheap, but I’m guessing you recommend them quite highly? Any sports of theirs that are not so good?

  2. JLo says:

    great work mate, you are on a roll, and learning all the time Keep it up

  3. admin says:

    Thanks Cassini and Jonno.

    There are a few sports of his I wont continue with next year but will keep an eye on.

    I haven’t managed to make any profit from the NRL model, and mostly because of price movements I won’t follow the NCAA model again.

    I am continuing to follow NHL but for the last 2 seasons it is about break even. I was also betting way too high on AFL totals which was a new addition this year and managed to lose $11,000 on that. I will continue with them but with a reduced bet size.

    I had made profit from his soccer models but it was so much work and I have changed to a few other services for now.

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