2017 Annual Review

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4 Responses

  1. Andrew Mckenzie says:

    Hey Steve, Thanks for the write up I enjoy reading your Blog.

    Just touching on your Major Goal, Why the assumption that your investments need to return back to the long term average 7%? This is to conservative given your skill set. I spent years Sports betting and seeing the writing on the wall regarding Limiting and reduced turnover etc, invested time the last few years studying the stock market closer in an effort to get my capital I had made working harder.

    I was surprised just how simply it is outperform the market (for both professionals and individuals). In your example above you mentioned 2 million, If you were to get your net wealth to 2.5m You are by definition “a sophisticated investor” (A stupid rule, but a government definition) You would then have access to a huge array of investment vechiles that retail investors can’t access and that have a very high probability of significant Alpha.
    Even without those avenues, if you are prepared to spend a bit of time, there are some simply strategies you can employ where you could probably match or possible do even better again by managing your money yourself with the extra perk of not paying any fees. (The advantage of having a ‘relatively’ small pool of capital makes this possible)

    IMO with your background and skills learnt from gambling you could achieve your investment goal with a lot less than 2 Million and very little extra risk.


  2. Andrew Potter says:

    Love the review! If you end up making it to the World Cup, would love to share a beer!!

  3. Sean Wester says:

    Great rundown Steve. Appreciate you putting all the numbers in for us to see, really is eye opening what can be made when you are smart about where you put your time. Had a reasonable year in 2017 myself, turned $17k into $36k or so (punting, arbing, value betting, promos etc). However after seeing a highwater mark of $42k around the end of September it´s been all downhill, roll sitting on about $31k now. How do you deal with these situations? And how do you know when to move on from a capper?

  4. Julian Muscat says:

    Also would love to share a beer at the WC if you make it. Major congrats on the bitcoin run, and for the guts to actually back it when you did. Just make sure you can’t give all back!

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