Dec 4th – Dec 10th -$2,431.83

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  1. PhatKock says:


    Was just wondering why you don’t use any horse racing tipsters? There’s a few UK ones who do very well and have a good track record.

    Is it an issue with getting big stakes on ?

  2. admin says:

    I did follow systematic betting for a year and made a nice return, but as you need to get early fixed odds to make a profit, this soon became impossible. Every UK book banned or limited me and then every Australian book. There is just nowhere to bet at the odds you need.
    I also followed formbet, but I lost a lot of money with that as it was not a profitable system.

  3. PhatKock says:

    Thanks for reply.

    Have done some research and SBC seem fairly clear some of the more reliable horse tipsters (such as the one you’ve mentioned) can still achieve profit if backing on betfair but again I’m guessing it’s a liquidity issue at the stakes you use ?

  4. admin says:

    Yeah, that’s bullshit.
    Maybe if you took the price early, but you can maybe get a few dollars on at most.
    At BFSP you have no chance.

  5. Tom says:

    You’ve chosen a terrible time to join Gowi! worst run for the 4 months I’ve been onboard at least.

  6. admin says:

    Hey Tom,
    Just my luck, happens with almost every tipsters I follow. Nics Picks golf has had 1 win from around 150-200 bets since I started following. I’m in this for the long term, so a bad start shouldn’t be an issue, if they are a good tipster over the next year I should make it back and then some.

  7. Kizo says:

    Mentioned clugowi earlier. Those swings are hard to bear and it’s not just that, it’s his arrogance that costs him (and those who follow) the most. Probably why he doesn’t have a clear and transparent archives and doesn’t proof his tips.

    As for Insider Betting, you are right, they can’t be properly followed for larger bets.

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