Football Investor 2013/14 Review

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  1. Banner says:

    Hi Steve,

    Is it just the 1 system he uses or is it multiple choice like TFA ?
    I have my doubts about these back fitted systems; they all show you would have made money in the past, but will they make money in the future ?

    Just look at Gowi, the Irish football and golf expert !
    I wonder if he will be profitable this year.

  2. Steve says:

    There are 4 systems. Football Investor, Strike Zone, Combo and Top Flight Euro.
    The one I followed is the Combo system which is just games that appear on both FI and SZ. I will more then likely be adding the Top Flight Euro to my portfolio next season.
    Lots of info on his website.

  3. TFA says:

    Hi Banner.

    I think the last 5 seasons for Footie Investor and the last 4 seasons for TFA show that you can make money using football systems. I don’t think either service needs to worry about backfitted results when we have so many proofed results live!

    I do agree though that just because a system has been profitable historically doesn’t mean it will profitable in the future but the same is true for any betting system or tipster.

    If you ever come across a betting system that is guaranteed to make money in the future, please do share. 🙂



  4. Stewboss says:

    I couldn’t agree more Graeme!

  5. Banner says:

    Hi Graeme,

    Unfortunately, you are barking up the wrong tree. I have no desire to join your service.

    As for guaranteed profitable services, some offer a profit guarantee. No profit of x pts, no fee. You only need to look.

    I haven’t come across systems that offer a profit guarantee, though. I will be sure to let you know. You could, of course, start the ball rolling. : )

  6. TFA says:

    Sorry Banner, I wasn’t offering you a place in the service mate. I was commenting on the fact you mentioned backfitted systems and whether or not they will make money in the future. My point was that the best indication of future performance was the live results over the past 4/5 seasons from both services and not the results from 2000 to 2009!

    Given the way TFA works, not sure I could offer a profit guarantee for everyone but for someone like Steve, I’d have no issue. Being honest, the
    £180 Steve pays to join the service doesn’t mean much to me or Steve. I’d rather take a small % of Steve’s TFA profits rather than any subscription fee! No win, no fee.



  7. Steve says:

    hahaha, I’ll stick to the current arrangement thanks. Looking forward to my first 100k TFA season

  8. Mariano says:

    Like for everyone, my main concern when joining any tips service is how possible it is to get the recommended odds.
    I see you got only 0.1% less of the recommended prices which is amazing, but I need to ask you: how long after the tips were released did you take the bets?
    If for some reason you couldn’t take them the minute they are released, is it possible to find those prices later or like with GOWI you can only hope they will come back or you have to wait until the game is in-play?
    I read you only followed the combo system, does it use flat stakes? Why you didn’t try the other two systems as well (FI and SZ), maybe with much lower stakes ? do you think that could be a bad idea given how much it would be staked each weekend ?
    Thanks for your answers!

  9. Steve says:

    Hey Mariano,
    I took the odds throughout the week and then just before the matches started, as you can imagine, some odds blow out and others never recovered. It does take a lot of work to get those odds.
    Yes, it is flat stakes. I only used Combo as its name implies, it is a combination of FI and SZ. I may look to add the Euro ones this year. This year I am looking to diversify a lot more so might instead bet FI and SZ instead of combo.

  10. Mariano says:

    Thanks for your answer, Steve.

    When are bets released? I’m at Southamerica and I get GOWI at least 2-3 hours after everyone else (emails are sent 5-6am my local time) so I’m used to do “a lot of work” to get the recommended prices.
    I’m already subscribed to FI, but now I need to make up my mind about how and what I’m going to follow.
    Maybe lower stakes for FI and SZ, or higher on the Combo ones like you did…

  11. Steve says:

    I’m not sure when they are released, I know I am asleep. Email Stewboss and I’m sure he can give you all the information. He will also help you come up with a good staking plan.

  12. Mariano says:

    Well, if you are sleeping then I’ll probably be awake 🙂
    Thanks again for the info, I think Stewboss is getting the first email of the season ready where he will write for sure about the staking levels, and then I’ll make a decision.

  13. manuser7 says:

    Hi Steve,
    May i ask, what was your stake (flat i guess) throughout the whole season to finish at +10.7K with the Combo system?

  14. Steve says:

    $500 flat stake. This year I am doubling it to $1000

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