June 6th – June 12th -$3,941.68

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4 Responses

  1. JLo says:

    although I haven’t done the horse racing, I have a bot that automatically bets using betangel. You could do the same for HR if it takes you too long, and bet at betfair?

  2. admin says:

    There is a bot that I can use for this model, the issue is with the returns. Getting early prices, per year i should look to make a ROC (Return on Capital) of 500%, with betfair prices 1 min before off it’s only 200%.

    At the moment I am using a $20,000 bank which equates to a $60,000 difference. What I need to find out is what ROC I am actually making by taking much worse odds and if Betfair is better or close enough for it to not be worth the hassle of placing bets.

    I would say I value my time at at least $50 an hour. I would waste at least 2 hours a night sitting in front of the computer placing these bets. That equates to $36,500. So if im not making that extra 36.5k per year by placing the bets myself then I will be moving to the betfair bot.

  3. JLo says:

    yep fair enough, agree with that. I like the idea of automating everything, so as long as you dont decrease the returns

  4. admin says:

    Automation of all bets is the ultimate dream. I would happily pay a few grand for a program that downloads my bets, finds the best odds and places my bets with the best bookie.

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