May 2018 Monthly Review +$18,950.00

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8 Responses

  1. Tom says:

    How are you getting along in this post pinnacle world? Sportsmarket & asiaconnect I guess? any problems withdrawing etc?

  2. Edwin says:

    Do you share which tipsters you use anywhere?

  3. Hao says:

    How often do you adjust your working capital? Understand that you will adjust up, but will you adjust down?

  4. admin says:

    Hey Tom, Yep, I’m using Sportmarket for US sports and asianconnect for AFL, NRL. Hopefully one day Sportmarket adds the aussie markets.

    Hao: I used to update my banks weekly (both ways). Now I use a static bank for each model.

  5. hao says:

    Thanks for your reply. But what is a static bank? Do you mind sharing?

  6. Grizzly Mcgill says:

    Do you catch steaming lines OP

  7. Naza says:

    Hello Steve !
    Its been a while without update of your results
    June and july are missing !

    Hope you will give some news soon

  8. admin says:

    Been on holidays for 2 months 🙂

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