Nov 17th – Nov 23rd

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  1. dooncan says:

    Whats your minimum overlay in the NBA for the lines?

    Keep the chin up too lad, I think everyone’s having a terrible last few weeks with little hope in sight

  2. admin says:

    Min overlay was set at 17.5%. But as of yesterday I have stopped NCAA and NBA lines. I will continue with NBA totals and have started following Kiwi’s picks on the Sportpunter forum. These were the first 2 models I have ever quit using and it was hard to stop. But after a total of $8,000 lost between the two, I really had no other choice.

    Thanks for the kind words Dooncan

  3. dooncan says:

    I pushed my min overlay out to 20% and so far have a roi of about 7%. That said if today goes down compltely it could turn that around to negaitves

  4. dooncan says:

    Oh and I dropped NCAA too, too much chasing odds around and not being able to get the right lines with not a big profit margin.

  5. admin says:

    Is there a reason you went to 20%. Jonno’s analysis said 17.5% was the best overlay. Yesterdays game hurt with a 1 point loss

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