Nov 6th – Nov 12th +$8,112.78

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9 Responses

  1. Kizo says:

    Hello mate,

    this is one of the most useful betting blogs around and I just enjoy reading and keep cheering for you to reach your goal.

    Let me just make a few comments from my experience.

    Only way to win in soccer betting is either to follow a well informed bettor or to be informed yourself. No systems or whatsoever is going to bring you money in the long run. What is happenning with TFA was only to be expected. This one good week he had is just a glitch in a matrix. It’s always the same with systems, they can start enormously good, even for a few seasons, but in the end you are on the losing end.

    Someone said in here that extrapolating prediction from past results is never a good thing. Very true. Also, one needs to be very careful with those SBC fellows that promote guys like TFA, seems to me they don’t know much about betting but are top class in – marketing.

    Someone also mentioned clubgowi. Stay away, man is clearly a froad. No independent monitoring, no transparent archives. Had him once, nearly destroyed me with losing runs, odds inflated sometimes even by 20%. All he says is – I’ll be positive at the end of the season. I mean, does anyone believe that a normal person is capable of writing so many words in a single day!? There are fa better tipsters than him for far less money. He is one of the most expensive and certainly not worth 20% of that price.

    Good luck.

  2. admin says:

    Hey Kizo,
    Thanks for the positive comments, love knowing that people actual enjoy reading about my silly little pastime πŸ™‚

    I actually feel differently to you, while I agree that being informed yourself would be ideal, it’s just not something I would want to devote my time too, so for me that option is out. I also do follow Skeeve who is known as a well informed bettor, he does all the research, knows a specific league and is still yet to make me a profit. If you know of any that wouldn’t mind sharing their info I would be happy to talk to them πŸ™‚

    I believe that Maths based systems can and do work in the world of sports betting. The only profitable models I follow are purely maths based (AFL, Tennis, other Sportpunter models). I think it relies on having a really good modeler. I do believe that TFA will turn around and continue its good run, we can’t have amazing seasons year after year.

    I’m not a member of SBC so can’t really comment. But from what I’ve seen, they at least track results properly, which can only be a good thing.

    I did have a look at the site and his record did look good, but I won’t be following for the reasons you expressed above and some others. There really be some very simple things tipsters do to look as legitimate as possible. Keep honest records (independently verified), Record prices the majority (>50%) can get and be as honest as possible on any difficulties that members may have placing bets. The issue is that this would leave about 5 tipsters in the world.

    Once again thanks for your comment and good luck with your betting.


  3. Kizo says:

    Hey Steve,

    problem with Skeeve is 1) he is not a local tipster, he cannot see those matches live and can only rely on media news and 2) limits on those leagues are too low to follow for any kind of serious money and any kind of ambition.

    Can you share results of Sportpunter in total? There is actually one more guy I found that a system worth following even though there were some killing swings recently.

    TFA is out of my list forever simply because you can go bancrupt five times over before getting any kind of profit. This is because he cannot ne considered a serious punter in any way.

    Yes, I do know some well informed and profitable tipsters. Don’t know if I should share them here or is it better to exchange over e-mail. Wouldn’t want to dissapoint anybody in case of bad runs.

    Let’s stay in touch, you rarely find a meaningful discussion about betting like this one.

    Good luck with your betting!



  4. admin says:

    The other problem with Skeeve is that I haven’t made a profit with the service πŸ™‚

    The last time I looked, which was maybe a month or two ago, Sportpunter models in total were in profit more then my total profit, so I have made over $180k with Sportpunter models. The big ones being AFL and Tennis.

    When did you start following TFA? If it was this season then I can understand how you feel, but if you started last season or anytime before that and as long as you didn’t increase your bets, you would still be doing very well. Only time will tell if TFA’s edge will continue, as you know, I’m banking on it.

    Hit me up at admin at this site ( and we can talk over email.

    Speak soon

  5. Kizo says:

    Sure you did not hit any profit with Skeeve for reasons above!

    Unfortunately, I did start to follow TFA this season but wouldn’t do that if I knew that I would be betting on an excel sheet, so serves me right.

    Good to know about Sportpunter, and I see on his website he is up since 2002 which is obvioustly a big reference. But, he is as expensive as hell! Something else I wanted to know and that is his yield, wonder if you could share that.

    Problem with systems is they simply stop working at one point. But, as I said, there might be some exceptions.



  6. admin says:

    Sportpunter also uses Excel sheets to get the bets. For Sportpunter, the amount you bet changes if you find better or worse odds, so excel is needed.

    Yep, very expensive, but I’ve found that (in most cases) you pay for quality.

    With regards to Yield, I use a moving bank for AFL and my Yield on the starting bank was over 100%, With Tennis it was around 80% per season.

    Sadly in this game we are going to have winning and losing season, that’s why I won’t be increasing bets for quite some time. If AFL has a poor season then I could be in trouble, so I need to keep diversifying to decrease risk.

  7. Kizo says:

    Yep, diversification is the name of the game in investing.

    There should be some 15% in high risk investing, rest should be in more consistent tipsters.

  8. admin says:

    ahh, to find a consistent tipster πŸ™‚

  9. Kizo says:

    Precisely why it is important for a tipster to have big and credible archive. Only that way you can ascertain his weak spots and how reliable he really is.

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