XX Draws 2012/13 Review

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7 Responses

  1. Brian says:

    Great review! Figured would comment as none so far and expect many, like myself, read this blog every week but don’t interact much so probably goes unnoticed.

    This was a great read, very thorough and balanced review – not a service I have ever been aware of or looked into, but perfectly sums up the biggest issue with most of these services. The lack of transparency/accurate proofing makes a massive difference between recorded and real-life results. I know others such as Skeeve, who I am sure you soon review, record things in a much more user-friendly and fair manner. I find so many tipsters these days also tip at a rogue price i.e. 2.60 at Skybet etc where 90% of punters cannot get a bet on anyway, and if they are able too, the account will not last long. A price recorded from a place like Pinnacle etc is obviously far more accurate in terms of records.

    I was following Reading The Play, an Australian site for a short time and found their lack of transparency appalling. Certainly very few of these are anyway near on par with Sportspunter etc in terms of recording accurately.

  2. admin says:

    Thanks Brian,
    It really is the one way the tipsters can lie to a potential subscriber. I now half any ROI figure i see from a tipster before thinking about joining the service.

    The majority of the models I now follow are fair in their recorded odds. The standouts are Skeeve and TFA.

    I think the fairest way is to use a proofing service, but as you mentioned, you can easily get prices that are not really available. If the tipster wants to run a professional business then they should take the time to not only use a proofing service, but also show results if betting with only the top 10 bookmakers 15 minutes after release and also the ending price. This would take them an extra hour per week, but would give potential and current clients a real representation of what is possible.

    After talking to Cassini over email, he mentioned that the BF commission is not taken into consideration for his odds, which baffles me as this is a real cost. He gave me an example of a game where he got odds of $3.6 for a draw and this was the price he recorded. Even with the lowest commission level this real price is 3.528.

    Sadly most people who signup to a service don’t connect the dots until it is too late.

  3. rugby trader says:

    Hello Mr 25,

    just thought i’d let you know my results for 2012/13 with Cassini’s XX draws, i only bet the unders and not the draws

    level stakes
    classic U2.5 = -3.05
    extended U2.5 = 11.05

    so a profit on the season overall points wise
    i didn’t touch the draws as i was hoping for a smoother service with the unders going through my analysis of the previous seasons results (as you said i know, i know)

    a bit of a loss for me though due to my staking plan, that’s my fault though.
    i took the best odds i could get on Thursday mornings if that’s of any help to anyone

    i am going with his service again though, just with a level stakes plan on the draws and the unders,
    i’ve been finding i can get close to exchange odds with the asians so the commission shouldn’t be too much of a problem

    but i do agree Cassini should start recording his results with 5% taken off if going by Betfair results
    or just get his results proofed by the SBC (please please!!!)

    additionally, although the results from XX may not be great, his material is gold and I am trying to write my own Elo (not ELO) system in Excel
    not very successfully though…

  4. Alex says:

    I subscribed to XX draws service from the start and after 4 months realised that it’s not an honest service. Odds were impossible to obtain and I asked for money back which I got, minus four months. In the end I lost three figures,not a big loss but still it hurts to see someone presenting himself as an honest guy while in fact he is presenting false results.

  5. admin says:

    Hi Rugby Trader,
    Agreed that his site is a great read and I wish you luck in the upcoming season, I still think his system has potential, and you shouldn’t lose too much by following it.

    Alex, agreed. Let’s hope a change is made for this season.

  6. LittleAL says:

    Daily25 – what would be a good number of points profit to achieve in a season would you say?

  7. admin says:

    LittleAl, that decides on so many factors. How many bets over the season, what ROI and ROC you think you can achieve, your bank size, amount of risk.

    My goal is usually a ROC of 50% for each model I follow. So with Tennis, my starting bank was 75k, so anything above 37.5k is a win for me.

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