Dailyprofit NRL season begins tomorrow.

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  • Benny

    What will happen when Dailyprofit members get banned from bookies for winning too much?

  • I’ve been betting on NRL/AFL so on for a number of years and still have accounts open. I don’t see it as a problem. But it would be a nice problem to deal with.

  • wah

    What your service needs for me is more structured release times. It is difficult for people who don’t work in an office to get bets on some times. Personally I have some limited flexibility with break times but would like to know at least A day in advance so I could make sure I am somewhere with internet access

  • Completely agree.
    I’ve been trying to please everyone and instead of pleasing the majority, I just make it poor for everyone. I understand the frustration of timing of tips (being in Australia and subscribing to so many European based tipsters).
    We are still working out a structure that works best for all of us and I hope to have exact times when bets come out.
    We will get there eventually.

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