Dailyprofit NRL season begins tomorrow.

Tomorrow the NRL season kicks off and I’m pretty excited. Personally I think NRL has become boring to watch, but for me that’s a good thing as it means I won’t watch any of the games I have bets on. This will be the first full year the Dailyprofit service advises bets on the NRL. I started Dailyprofit on the 4th of July last year which was already 4 months into the NRL season. But members were more than compensated for the late start with a massive return.

We ended up placing 64 line bets over the remainder of the season and won 41 of those. An amazing strike rate of 65.1%. We advised 1 unit ($100) flat stakes for the season and bet a total of 64 units ($6,400) for a profit of 19 units ($1,900). That was a return of 29.7%. If you read this site you will know I am happy with a 2% return on my betting. To put that 29.7% return into perspective, if I was to receive that return for my bets so far in my 5th year of betting (where I have bet $5 million), I would be sitting on $1,485,000 profit. I would be retired and this site would only have pictures of me driving my ferrari through the Amalfi coast.

Now that return is due to a number of reasons. Firstly, there are very few bets, so variance plays its part. Secondly, and most importantly, it’s due to the fact that the Sportpunter models are the best in the world. Last season Jonno moved from a team based model to player based. As his modelling has improved over the years, so have his results. I highly doubt we can match the return from last season, but I see no reason we won’t continue to make a very healthy profit each and every year.

How does the service work?

YDPlogoou might be confused how Dailyprofit works, as we are using a Sportpunter model. What we are is Sportpunter lite. The NRL model for Sportpunter costs $497 for the season. Now if you can afford that and have a bigger bank, I would recommend signing up to that. Sportpunter full paying members get the lot. They get the % chances of each game, a calculator to help them place bets and they also get it a few hours before Dailyprofit members.

Dailyprofit members only get the plays a few hours after full paying SP members get them. I believe there is still a heap of value in these plays even after the big players have bet into the market. The NRL and AFL markets are pretty strong and do rebound and hold up quite well after an onslaught. The Dailyprofit members simple get the team and line to bet on and a unit size. This season we will be moving to variable staking, so bets will be between 1 and 2 units each.

The major difference is the price. The Dailyprofit service is just $49 a month for everything. You not only get the NRL model, you also get the AFL, Super 15, MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL and any other sports I feel will make a profit. You are getting the world’s best service for 1/10th the price and you get me packaging it up in a much easier way to bet.

If you look around, you will see a heap of tipsters spruiking their NRL subscriptions and most charge in the $60 – $100 a month range. With Dailyprofit, the NRL section adds up to about $7 a month. It’s just ridiculous and prices will keep increasing over the years (but members always get to stay on the same monthly payment they initially signed up with). It is by far the cheapest service out there, but also easily the best as well. All I talk about is Value. If you can find and understand value, you will be a profitable gambler.

Dailyprofit Annual Survey Results

In January I put together a survey for members. I wanted to find out how much they had made, how to improve the service and a heap of other things. Now these results are in January, since than the SP side of the service has been treading water. You can read a full review of the entire history of the service here.


Member profits. Click to enlarge

About 30% of members filled in the survey and I will share more of the results with you this month. The initial goal of Dailyprofit was to take $1,000,000 from the bookies. These members averaged a profit of $1,857 and had been with the service for an average of 2.1 months. That equated to over $100,000 profit. Extrapolating to all members, we could assume we have taken close to $300,000.

The last question asked for testimonials and these really meant the world to me. I received a heap of them and they were all wonderful. For me, being able to help others with their sports betting results gives me great pleasure. I will share a few of the testimonials I received here. But will put them all up on the Dailyprofit site in the coming days.


Dailyprofit is a sports service done Aussie style, honest anaylsis, no BS, accepting the good and bad results and truly by the punters for the punters.

A service run with the customer in mind. Prompt responses to any queries and always looking to improve. You’ve got my thumbs up boys, that’s for sure. Keep up the great work

It’s hard to find profitable tipsters in the cesspool of unscrupulous crooks out there overstating or blatantly cheating/doctoring their profit results. Daily Profit I have discovered is one of the rare “good guys” and I unreservedly recommend the service as one which operates with honesty and integrity. IF you are disciplined to follow the service long term then you will make money not IF.

I’ve followed a few services, Steve, Josh and Jon are superb, completely transparent and upfront, plus their service makes money!!

Spent my first month now using small stakes to ensure I can obtain quoted odds or similar. This test has proved the service to be as transparent as I hoped and that quoted ROIs look possible to obtain long-term

I would really like to let you know how happy I am with your program overall, before I joined up I was looking into a few systems and one of the main reasons for going with you is your incredible record and clear and concise results. Furthermore, I am able to actually contact you and promptly get a reply. Best service I’ve personally ever been with.

If you want to learn about betting and make money this is the service for you. Steve and Josh are as good as you will find in the shady world of betting. The customer service is first class and the service is very easy to follow. What more could you ask for? It has changed my approach to betting and I am now making a regular profit.

I’ve been using Dailyprofit for the past 6 months. It lives up to its claims, in that my betting account has an extra $9000 by only following their recommendations.

These are just a few of the replies I got. There were many more. I was really frustrated with the lack of decent services out there, so I created my own. While it is still a work in progress, I’m positive it is better than 99.99% of all other services out there.

No rush to join

In saying all that, and that was one hell of a sales email (even if I say so myself), you should feel no pressure to join. The service is still young and really has not proven itself with a long track record. Yes the Sportpunter service has shown over 11 years of profits, but I see Dailyprofit as a second tier version of SP and could never hope to match it’s record. My goal for the service is to achieve a 2-5% ROI over the long-term. Like my own personal betting, the service is here for the long haul. I see year 1 as a testing phase, in year two we will reevaluate what worked and what didn’t and restructure, from year 3 onward we should have a pretty good idea of what is going to work long term.

The prudent thing to do is wait for at least a full year to be complete. But if you were going to follow a tipster for this years footy season than Dailyprofit is the way to go. Also remember that the AFL starts in a few weeks and the single subscription cost covers that as well. But as I tell you all, do your research and make sure the service is right for you. We would love to have you on-board and to help you mimic my results over the years, but only if you are ready for the ride.

Some other questions answered

  1. I’m not from Australia, can I still bet the NRL/AFL so on?
    • Yep, our friends at Topsport are allowing international members to bet with them. All footy bets are advised to their lines
  2. What’s the difference between the VIP service and the Sportpunter service?
    • The VIP service is for Australians only. It includes the Value and risk free bets as well. If you are not Australian you’re only option is the Sportpunter model. If you are Australian than you should go the VIP service as the Riskfree and Value bets will make you a heap of extra profit over the season
  3. I have a heap more questions, how can I contact you?
    • You can email me by clicking on the Contact Us link on the right, or just leave a comment below this post.
  4. How did you get so awesome Steve?
    • Not sure, just lucky i spose 🙂

I’m in, where do I go?

Just head over to the Dailyprofit website and click on subscribe now. I look forward to having you as a member.

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  • Benny

    What will happen when Dailyprofit members get banned from bookies for winning too much?

  • I’ve been betting on NRL/AFL so on for a number of years and still have accounts open. I don’t see it as a problem. But it would be a nice problem to deal with.

  • wah

    What your service needs for me is more structured release times. It is difficult for people who don’t work in an office to get bets on some times. Personally I have some limited flexibility with break times but would like to know at least A day in advance so I could make sure I am somewhere with internet access

  • Completely agree.
    I’ve been trying to please everyone and instead of pleasing the majority, I just make it poor for everyone. I understand the frustration of timing of tips (being in Australia and subscribing to so many European based tipsters).
    We are still working out a structure that works best for all of us and I hope to have exact times when bets come out.
    We will get there eventually.

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