January 2017 Monthly Review -$12,410.00

2017 starts with another loss. I’m currently only betting the NFL and NBA but that didn’t stop more pain coming my way. My lowest turnover month in a very long time. February should be even lower as the NFL has now ended and I am only betting NBA H2H.

To start the new year, I lowered my NFL bets by 1/3rd. That seemed to be a wise move, as the season-long losses continued. I stopped betting NBA totals as I have traditionally done at this time each season. That cost me as they continued on with what has been a very impressive season.

In total, January saw turnover of $101,960.00 for a loss of $12,410.00 at -12.17% ROI.

I placed 83 bets over the month and won 35, lost 47 and 1 was refunded.


I still remember how good the last season was, but the science says an equal loss feels 3 times as bad as the same win. I believe that research to be true. The NFL line bets made a small profit ($1,320), but the totals lost $16,190.00 at -59.5% ROI over 13 bets.


I had 9 bets on totals before remembering I was meant to stop betting them from January. The H2H bets did well with a $2,220.00 profit at 8.1%.

February will be a very slow month, but it’s quickly followed by the start of the NRL and AFL season. Although the last AFL season was a bloodbath, I’m looking forward to the pre-season games and the start of the season at the end of March.

Total Loss for the month was $12,410.00

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Stats Year 7
Total bet amount: $1,383,850.00
Profit/Loss: -$148,310.00
POT: -10.72%
Bets Placed: 789
Won: 354
Lost: 424
Half Payout: 1
Refunded: 10
Winning %: 45.5%
Total profit per day: $198,110.00 / 2406 = $82.33
Total Turnover: $29,410,680.00
Total ROI: 0.67%

Sport/TipsterWageredProfit/LossROIJan P/L
NFL Line$290,950.00-$17,540.00-6.0%$1,320.00
NFL Totals$281,460.00-$45,050.00-16.0%-$16,190.00
NBA Totals$203,020.00$22,900.0011.3%$240.00
NBA H2H$154,230.00-$11,110.00-7.2%$2,220.00
AFL H2H$110,010.00-$41,310.00
AFL Line$247,290.00-$60,280.00-24.4%$0
NRL H2H$99,070.00$7,400.007.5%$0
Super Rugby$1,710.00-$1,710.00-100.0%$0

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  • jh

    Recently, you had been making losses. Maybe you are just too focus on your other income source and neglect your primary purpose of making a living by sport betting.

  • Recently (as in the past year and a bit).. Yep, it is a big factor. As I have spent barely anytime on my betting over the past year. But if you have read the site, my primary purpose is everything else. Sports betting is a hobby (that I have neglected the last year and a bit).