Affiliate commissions: January 2017

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  1. Zman says:

    Are you seriously promoting Ladbrokes Steve?
    I am sure most punters would agree with me when I say they are easily the worst of the big bookies.

    The facts are as follows:
    – They are the quickest to ban people (not Sportsbet as you have tried to claim in the Sportsbet employee post). I have read numerous stories of people using their odds boost once and it being taken away. They can’t even be assed to send out emails to customers when they are promo banned.
    – They don’t comply with the minimum bet laws with VIC and NSW racing, unless you provide personal documents that they have no right to see.
    – They close people’s accounts after they deem the customer to be unprofitable meaning the customer can’t ever see their bet history and balance again. You have to trust that Ladbrokes hasn’t screwed you over when they do one last withdrawal. No other large bookie pulls this move.
    – They were initially licensed in Northfolk Island allowing them to pull all sorts of dodgy shit. They only moved across to NT when their hand was forced. No other half decent bookie setup shop in Northfolk.

    The biggest thing here is…their contempt for the minimum bet laws. The major issue that you have been campaigning for on Twitter, Facebook, and on your blog for years explaining how important it is yet you have an affiliate with the bookie that ignores the progress made in the minimum bet space by Racing NSW and Racing VIC.You are a hypocrite Steve.

  2. Steve says:

    Thanks for the very kind words :(. It seems you have had a few accounts closed with Ladbrokes. My account is also closed.

    Did you read my previous article on affiliates:

    I’ll reprint your options here
    bitch and moan on social media (i.e scream into a vacuum)
    stop coming to the site
    install an ad blocker
    don’t click on affiliate links

    We could make a case for any bookmaker being the worst. Willhill will lower your odds if you start winning, all others limit you to peanuts, so on. What they do to customers are littered all over the site in many posts.

    Yes I have been campaigning for min bet laws, have you signed the petition? I hope so.

    There are two options for me, use affiliates to make a small amount of money to keep the blog going, or stop spending time posting about the industry and how I am doing. If you don’t agree that my time is worth compensation via affiliates, please feel free to not come back.

    I understand your frustration with the industry, but ranting at me solves none of those issues.


  3. ManiacManUTD says:

    This looks interesting. Money & Sports its the dream.
    Do you mind sending more stuff like this to me? Thanks

  4. Steve says:

    Hi mate, just sign up to the mailing list to receive future updates.

  5. Martin R. says:

    Hi Steve.
    I guess your decision to take on affiliates came from you having your worse ever betting year. Or was this something you were considering whilst you were in the middle of the profitable years?
    To be honest, if you had said that you were planning to run Ladbrokes affiliate links 2-3 years ago I would’ve checked that it wasn’t April 1.
    I guess a downturn in fortune forces reconsideration but it’s still a bit of a shock to know that you don’t intend sharing your journey if there’s nothing in it for you financially.

    Like a number of affiliate based betting sites (most of the forums, the odds comparison sites, etc) your blog has always had the underlying theme of Punter v Bookmaker. The owners of those sites do a fair job of coming across as being on the punter’s side and they all have their various tools available to help the punter “beat the bookies”. Some have assorted calculators available, others display the best available odds, others have “experts” give free tips and betting advice, still others do supposedly unbiased bookmaker reviews, and some have a forum available where bettors can share opinion, insight, experience and tips. Of course, the owners of these affiliate sites know that it doesn’t matter if a punter has an edge with his selections, and is shown where the best odds are, and is taught the principles of money management, and has the calculator to work out the optimal stake, the fact is that 98.9% of the time (or whatever the true % is) they will still lose. The bookmakers know that too of course, and the site owners and bookmakers are ultimately in a partnership against the punter, and behind closed doors are likely sharing tactics on recruiting new members (losing punters).
    Your blog/site has some of these tools as well, but what set yours apart from the others was the belief that you actually were on the punter’s side. I always believed that. You are a winning punter sharing his efforts to win with other punters (most of whom aspire to be similar) and your blog was one of just a handful that I thought had no other agenda. I likened your blog to the podcast “Gambling With An Edge” and a couple of other blogs run by guys who just wanted to share their knowledge and journey.
    Now though, with you seeking income from affiliates, I can’t help but wonder what goes on regarding this site away from the reader’s view. Wondering if the article I’m reading has been commissioned by the Bookie Of The Month while knowing that said bookie doesn’t operate remotely similar to the only bookie I know (not including the exchanges) that is actually in a position to publish useful betting articles (Pinnacle).
    I’ll still read your articles and visit the site of course, because as you know there is a dearth of material available, but there’ll always be that question of whether the content I’m reading is there for the purpose of helping punters or recruiting losers.
    It’s just the way it is with affiliate based sites.

  6. Steve says:

    Hi Martin,
    This was such a well written comment that I decided to reply to it in a whole new blog post. You can read it here.

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