October 2016 Monthly Review -$21,660.00

Back to losing ways in October. It was 1 year ago that I was in the UK watching the Rugby World Cup and thinking, “Does it get any better than this”. I was traveling the world, attending major sporting events and that week had made $60,000 to bring my total profit following tipsters to $511,000.00. Well, I now have a definitive answer for that question. Nope, it doesn’t get any better (when it comes to betting). Since returning to Australia, I have been on a $250,000 losing run. It took 5 and a half years to build up to half a million in profit and just 12 months to give back 50% of it. Ouch.

October saw a total of 90 bets, most of them placed on the NFL. I also welcomed the start of the NBA season which begun with a bang (as it typically does). The NFL gave back all the early profits it made in September.


Of the 90 bets placed, I won 45, lost 44 and 1 bet was refunded. Total turnover for the month was $201,440.00 for a $21,660.00 loss at a negative ROI of 10.75%.


Just the final game in October and it was another loss. Between the Line and H2H bet, I lost $3,930.00.


This month saw the introduction of the Totals bets and they have been woeful. $19,970.00 has been lost at -19.0% ROI and the Line bets lost $8,670.00 at -17.1%. After getting off to such an amazing start, it has been really painful to see it start losing. Last season seemed to be the same and it was one or two great weeks that was the difference in the end.


The NBA model has historically performed really well in the first few weeks of the season and this year has been no different. There were just 6 days of NBA betting in October, but the Totals bets returned $7,080.00 at 27.3% ROI and the H2H bets made $3,830.00 profit at 24.8%. But as has been the case this year, my staking for each sport has been wrong and I bet far less on these selections compared to the NFL and AFL.

The misery continues and does not look to be changing anytime soon. But I also thought the good times would just keep rolling when I was sitting on half a million profit. If only the Aussie bookies would take a bet, they could have made some very nice profits from me in the past year :). I’ll need to take a very long look at my betting at the end of the year and work out what needs to change to get things back on track.

Total Loss for the past month was $21,660.00

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Stats Year 7
Total bet amount: $709,850.00
Profit/Loss: -$84,640.00
POT: -11.92%
Bets Placed: 272
Won: 111
Lost: 158
Half Payout: 1
Refunded: 2
Winning %: 41.3%
Total profit per day: $261,780.00 / 2314 = $113.12
Total Turnover: $28,736,680.00
Total ROI: 0.91%

Sport/TipsterWageredProfit/LossROIOct P/L
NFL Line$102,410.00$22,970.0022.4%-$8,670.00
NFL Totals$105,310.00-$19,970.00-19.0%-$19,970.00
NBA Totals$25,960.00$7,080.0027.3%$7,080.00
NBA H2H$15,440.00$3,830.0024.8%$3,830.00
AFL H2H$110,010.00-$41,310.00
AFL Line$247,290.00-$60,280.00-24.4%-$2,400.00
NRL H2H$99,070.00$7,400.007.5%$0
Super Rugby$1,710.00-$1,710.00-100.0%$0

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  • The variance is going to be tough when you’re placing less bets! I’ve been awaiting each months update eagerly and hoping you hit a good profit.. Keep it up mate!