September 2nd – September 8th +$8,323.92

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8 Responses

  1. Tony says:

    Great post as always. How do you suggest we make our voices heard in a united way?

  2. Steve says:

    Thanks Tony, I’ll be creating a petition and also writing an open letter to Barry and Bill on this blog, hopefully enough people forward it onto them and share it on social media.

  3. steve jones says:

    Good on you Steve! An social activist – for betting….and I was looking for a reason to give it up. 😉

  4. Josh says:

    As I touched on via Twitter last week Steve, using the online shopping example, this same discussion can be linked to a number of industries that have undergone globalisation in recent times. In many ways, the consumer creates the market. If the market in Australia served the needs of the Australian punter, the perceived threat by the ‘illegal sites’ would be far less.

    The issues that I see from the commentary yesterday, from a punters perspective, are two fold:
    1 – the review is being lead by the Social Services minister, whose primary interest under his portfolio is problem gambling.
    2 – the terms of reference are far too narrow. In essence it is a ‘how do we stop it?’ review and not a ‘let’s understand the landscape and shape it for the future’ review.

    As a punter, we would want this review to be led by Turnbull and his remit in overseeing the interactive gaming act. Secondly, we would want a thorough review of both the Australian wagering landscape and the role of international bookmakers within it. At present a term of reference that states ‘the economic impacts of illegal sites on legal Australian businesses’ suggests we will only be getting one side of that story.

    It is not a positive start to this review at all, let’s hope it finishes on a much better note.

  5. Jimmy2727 says:

    This is without a doubt the end for sites like Pinnacle.

    Whilst the Government might make noise about problem gambling I think they could truly care less. All they care about is revenue whether that be through taxes or licensing. Just take a look at the national debt. They need to grab money in whatever form they can.

    If an offshore operator pays nothing to the Australian Government then they will be clamped down on.

    However for the same reason I feel there is hope of minimum bet rules in Australia as winning gamblers actually do add to turnover in a big way. Bookies might not agree given the current turnover vs profit model that is currently in place so things might need to change their also.

    I still feel you will be able to bet offshore as some operators could also care less where the bets come from and there will always be options out there. However I hold out little hope for great sites like Pinnacle.

  6. Steve says:

    Exactly Josh, I agree with everything you said, and use the shopping example in tomorrows post. I believe you have a lot to add and would appreciate your comments on tomorrows post. Thanks

  7. Steve says:

    For any winning punter, they are smart enough to figure out ways around any type of legislation. But there is every chance Pinnacle will do what they did with the English market and just leave it.

  8. Jimmy2727 says:

    Agreed Steve. I think it will be a mirror image of what happened there with particular books just leaving. The only advantage Australians have is that they can start preparing in advance and using similar methods that UK punters would be implementing right now to get bets on.

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