Sportsbet dodgy EPL offer

Now I don’t usually bother posting up all the dodgy stuff bookies do every single day. I would be posting non stop. But this one tickled my funny bone in how blatantly horrible it was. Also it allows me to also teach you a few things.

So Sportsbet Australia has the following two offers on their site.

Offer 1: Place a quick multi on Chelsea, Man U, Man City & Arsenal at the lovely odds of $3.50sbetoffer1


Offer 2: EPL Multi Special: Place a 4+ leg multibet on the win-draw-win market of any English Premier League match. If only one leg fails, we’ll refund your bet up to $100 CASH


Now let have a look at what odds we would get if we played this offer instead of the first one.


Now let’s break down the possible results if we placed $100 on Offer 1 and 2.

Let’s say all 4 teams won.
On Offer 1 we would make $250 profit. On Offer 2 we would make $267 profit.

Let’s say 1 team lost.
Offer 1 we have a $100 loss, Offer 2 we get a $100 cash refund.

If 2 or more teams lost then we lose $100 on both bets.

The first question we need to ask ourselves is why would they have 2 separate offers on the exact same thing paying very different odds? I’m sure for any moron punter taking Offer 1, their accounts might be marked as mugs and they might receive a lot more bonus offers.

Here’s the lesson, don’t just assume because it is an “offer” or “Megabet” or “super special, best bet ever, hey we only want you to win” type deal that it means it is any good. In my many years of experience taking advantage of these types of offers, only 1 in 5 of these offers are profitable. The first thing you should have done when looking at Offer 1 was to check what the same odds would have been when doing it yourself, then you should have seen what the odds were at some other bookies.

If you were conned into taking Offer 1, I would suggest you ring up Sportsbet and ask them why they would cheat you so blatantly out of your money? I would then ask you to come back to this site and email me, as I have some amazing beans that will build a beanstalk to a castle in the sky filled with Golden Geese.

I also realise that most of you are busy guys and have better things to do than figure this sort of rubbish out. That’s why I created the Dailyprofit service. We go to the trouble of doing the maths for you and figuring out which offers are good and which ones (like Offer 1) are absolute rubbish. We then show you step by step what you need to do to make a profit. We have even trained monkeys to use our site, it’s that easy.

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