All about Sportsbook affiliates

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  1. Alexander says:

    Hi Steve. Great article, I love it. In the UK we have very similar system with affiliates shouting and screaming: “me, me, me” but barely offering any value at all.

    However, there is nothing wrong with posting an affiliate link that brings benefits to everyone. If you have used a product/service that has helped you in the result, it is your obligation to let the readers know about the benefits and suggest them using the same product or service.

    Another alternative route I have found is to create your own product that your audience will benefit from. This is were the biggest rewards are found for both, your readers and yourself. You can directly add value and be fully responsible for it.

    You blog is incredible and has some remarkable content that is a pure pleasure to read. I specifically love this one: that teaches you how to start your own blog. Man, I wish I have found it earlier! This could be a start for a great product idea on how to create your own blog 😉

  2. Steve says:

    Creating my own products has always been on my list and Dailyprofit is one such product. I am also working on a new project and will use this site to drive traffic to it.

    The create your own blog space is packed. Pat at smartpassiveincome generates over $40,000 USD per month just from his Bluehost affiliate, and there are many others making 5 figures a month. I’ll be pushing affiliated products (that I have used) in 2017.

  3. HoG says:

    Great article as always Steve.

    I like the direction the site is going. I’m a relatively new reader compared to the age of the site but have learnt a lot from coming here. I’ll be happy to support the site and see you go down the affiliate route.

    I’m hoping to learn a lot about this myself in 2017; ultimately i hope i can make good money online from a variety of sources, including the bookies ;).

    Look forward to your next update,

  4. Steve says:

    Cheers mate, looking into it, there is barely anywhere that talks about the affiliate space and the places I have seen show how bad they act (much worse than they do to customers, and we know how bad they treat them). But there are also some good fair affiliates out there and I hope to highlight them.

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