Centrebet acting like a bookmaker

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3 Responses

  1. Bangbus says:

    I wouldn’t get too excited.. Centrbet is a William Hill wolf in sheeps clothing. I joined a few months ago after hearing Centrebet would be relaunched and aimed at serious punters. I’m already limited to $0..even on match day markets..

  2. Steve says:

    Not sure what the issue is here? They have made it abundantly clear that they are only taking bets on certain Horse racing and Power bets for sports.

    I agree, it’s likely it won’t last long, but I hope it does.

  3. Walker j says:

    Just tried to have a tennis bet, best price but no arb or steam, doubles match, $25 rejected, they took $5. But yeah at least if they go low vig and high limit on the bigger sport they might one day get it

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