Apr 2nd – Apr 8th +$875.57

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  1. Jamie Troubridge says:

    the only issue with betting on totals in the AFL with rain forecast is the shithouse books are the only ones with the market up a few days out, it is still a good little earner if you make use of bowlers and still one of the best angles in AFL betting.
    Even betting the closing total for rain games that has dropped some 20-30pts from the opener is >60% unders. I don’t have opening totals data for all years but this probably goes past 70% if getting the best of the number.
    Throw in night games and you are probably approaching 80%

  2. Steve says:

    wow, that’s a big %. I really like the idea and I have profited with the cricket trading the draw when I knew a shower was coming in.

  3. Stewboss says:

    I never write much in my emails win or lose. Sometimes I don’t write anything at all !! It’s rare that I have any genuine service news and there’s no point me detailing the results as subscribers already know. If I ran a blog, it would be different but I don’t.

  4. Brett says:

    Hey Steve, you have an email address I can contact you on?

  5. Steve says:

    admin@ this website address.

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