Jan 7th – Jan 13th +$40,513.06

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  1. No 8 says:

    Excellent results! Congratulations…

  2. Stu says:

    Those 5 points with GOWI must have come before he mastered the art of losing almost every day. I just had a look at his ‘official’* results and they could well serve as the straw that broke the camel’s back.

    It’s hard to see the graph, but it looks like he’s claiming a profit of circa 90 points since June. Has anyone manage to achieve anything remotely close to this? Hitting double figures would surprise me!

    *’Official’ is synonymous with ‘fantasy’ in the GOWI dictionary.

  3. Steve says:

    Yes, there was a 12 point return on the Golf that was advised almost a year ago.
    It is the most rogue behavior I have seen by any tipster I follow, there is no need for it, as he will make members a tiny profit.

  4. Stu says:

    I am still following because other people vouched for his past record, but it’s a strange service. I wouldn’t mind the paltry returns if that’s what I had been expecting when I signed up but the dishonesty and apparent refusal to acknowledge how poor the service has been worries me.

    From what I have seen, I’d expect around the same returns from GOWI as I’m expecting from your service, but one claims to be a hell of a lot better than the other.

    If any other service attempted to record their odds like GOWI, it would be ridiculed. GOWI is becoming like a drug and I seriously need to sense and abandon this service.

    I don’t see criticism of GOWI anywhere but on this site. Is everyone else getting different picks or something? It seriously baffles me.

  5. Steve says:

    I’m in the same boat, others said it was good, but tipsters can quickly lose their edge, especially when they think they are too good. From the 1+ year I have been following, it has been rubbish.

    If I recorded like GOWI did, I would have an ROI of 20%+

    The issue is people don’t have any place to complain, if you read the comments, there are always a few who repeat the same as me . Now that I have a full years data, I will do a full review of the service. It will rank right below the ClubGOWI website in the search engines, so I hope people do research before signing up.

  6. Stu says:

    I will look forward to reading it. If you look at his website you will see various comments like “results don’t really matter”. If that’s true, then even bad results shouldn’t matter – after all, this is a newsletter and not a tipping service – right?

    Perhaps someone should point out that most of the information on the ‘newsletters’ appears to be somewhat irrelevant, if results are anything to go by.

  7. Steve says:

    Yes, the amusing thing is, whenever a write up is spot on, that is touted to the masses. The problem is, there are 1,000 write ups a year, now by pure chance, at least 10% he will get spot on. The 900 completely wrong (like today’s Malaga one) are never mentioned again.

  8. Mariano says:

    Just to mention something about GOWI’s results page: notice that the 17% ROI is about the “free to view content”, that’s what he used to post on his free blog and now in the website.
    The “official” numbers for the service are 11,90% ROI and +163 units from January 2013 until November 30 2014.

  9. Steve says:

    Yes, but also take into account the free to view section is the same content (just limited) as the paid stuff, but after the paid members have bet it, so prices have already crashed by 10% at least. Yet I am 100% sure he would still record at his earlier prices.

  10. Galfondini says:

    I´m interested in peoples opinions about this latest addition of his, the “blue type suggestion”. Call me paranoid, but this sent my alarm bells ringing. Has anyone fully grasped the point of this blue type stuff? In esence i thought it would be some kind of “in play” suggestions, but many of these have been pre game as well. Sometimes at the same or higher stakes then some red type suggestions?

    I don´t get it, whats the point with it? Just smokes and mirrors? It sure as hell will make any kind of results completely untrackable. I bet we will see dozens of “For those of you who bothered to read the blue type notes we have had a fantastic 2015 bla bla bla” posts in the coming months.

  11. GasPanic says:

    I can’t comment on GOWI’s longterm ROI as my sample size isn’t big enough yet, but I’d like to say something about the odds issue.

    I almost always get better prices than the ones quoted in the email. This is obviously not achieveable if you only bet in the morning when the newsletter is sent out. The key is to keep an eye on the markets throughout the day (I appreciate that is not possible for everyone) and use the in-play option. So I definitely have no problem if the odds quoted in the email are used for calculating the results on the website. I’m curious to see if my results will match up longterm but so far in my dealings with Keith/GOWI I would vouch for the service.

  12. Stu says:

    I have no idea. A lot of the ‘blue selections’ are in liquid markets. If they aren’t good enough for an official pick then why are they there at all? What odds will Keith be recording for the blue bets? It’s almost certain that he’ll be telling us how great they are, but we won’t have any official results.

    I can’t say I’m too big a fan of being advised in-play bets several hours before the game kicks off. I am following the blue selections because I figured I could lower stakes and increase volume but now I think it’s time to give up on GOWI.

    I would recommend people to stay far, far away unless you are willing to put up with 0-2% return. Nothing wrong with those returns, but try doing it when the tipster blames losses on bad luck and posts results that do nothing but baffle the followers, who know they are unachievable.

  13. Stu says:

    A tip for anyone who doesn’t know:

    There is a function on Oddsportal that allows you to set an email alert for when the odds reach the level you want. Pretty handy because almost every tipster I follow sends the odds crashing and it’s impossible to be at my computer every time a tip is sent.

    The only problem is that Oddsportal has sponsors who you can’t remove from your list of bookies, so sites like Marathonbet are there.

  14. Rog says:

    Yeah the oddsportal feature would be great without the joke-prices @sponsor books. Anyone who knows any other oddscomparision site that has this feature ?

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