Potential Daily25 Forum?

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  1. Jimmy2727 says:

    I would love a forum – really to point out the shady services as much as anything.

  2. Matthew Trenhaile says:

    I would like a forum. I think that 2 – 3 posts a week is fine for a forum, I don’t expect it to be a chat room. If even a handful of threads take off each year they can be invaluable. Forums will always be 99% lurkers and 1% contributors. The dynaimc has always largely been lurker posts question and contributor answers and it may or may not spark a useful thread surrounding the question. All you need is a small handful of knowledgeable posters, Even the most apparently stupid questions can actually highlight peoples ignorance and help trigger the learning process. Charge a small fee for the forum and you will usually filter out those whose sole ambition is to abuse others.

  3. Andrew says:

    I’d like a forum. I really, really liked the other forum you had set up and it would be amazing if we could get something similar but more active.

    Not quite sure how much time is involved in moderating such a thing, but I’d certainly be interested in helping out if I can.

    The comments section on here is pretty active, and it would be good to chat with some of the regulars in a forum.

  4. Space says:

    Yes, I’d like to see a forum along the same lines as the closed SBC one. I think a forum to discuss tipsters, services, etc and any related issues would be useful for lots of people.

  5. Matt - Football Elite says:

    Coming from a service operators point of view, I’d be very much in favour. There’s a real need for somewhere where people can talk about services, as at the moment there’s nowhere at all (that I know of anyway) and it just leads to the dodgy services having free run to act however they want with no comeback.

    It also means those review sites who feature reviews based on what affiliate fee they are getting wield a massive influence. It’s an ever perpetuating cycle of dodgy reviews
    sending unsuspecting folk to dodgy services.

    SBC are good but obviously are members only so are not seen by the vast majority. Somewhere that is free to view and based on actual user comments would be doing a lot to clean up the tipster world IMO.

    Go for it Steve!

  6. wah says:

    Agree with matt
    except to say I have always had issues with any gambling related forums I’ve read as the posters are in the majority stupid people and very few posts are of any value.
    Maybe there could be some sort of gambling IQ test and a filter to filter out their (and probably my) posts.
    Only half joking but I don’t know that I could deal with any more posts about how good…… Said progressive staking plan is.

  7. Rog says:

    Agree a forum would be great.

  8. Stewboss says:

    I echo the comments from the two Matts. A forum would be a fine addition to your site and would fill the void left by the SBC and more besides. The 99% lurker point made is exactly the same point I made to Pete at SBC but I guess they have made their minds up and are sticking with it. Forums are a great source of learning as well as a good place to echange views on various issues and services.

    I say go for it!

  9. skyblue14 says:

    Forum would be great, i was always looking for a place to share ideas and learn something from people, who know what they are talking about. From what i have seen SBC forum was dead long time ago, but still it looks a little bit suspicious to me that they have put it down…

  10. Steve says:

    Cool, working on it now.

  11. TalkingTipsters says:

    I’d be happy to help out with moderating a forum, let me know if you want a hand.

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