Sep 17th – Sep 23rd -$21,994.84

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6 Responses

  1. wah says:

    Ill start for pcg i would like to see results (on their website) updated at least once a week (idealy daily) including timing of tip relesse staking price (and time) and bookmaker used.

  2. Steve says:

    umm, can you put that into a question. I’m not sending him demands.

  3. wah says:

    So it isnt true that you have kidnapped his cat and are sending an ear through before the interview….
    Just ask if we could see any detailed results and not from the monitoring service

  4. Steve says:

    yep, will be asking about odds and how he can be more transparent.

  5. Matthew Trenhaile says:

    Please do emphasize that not all bookmakers look at the smae factors when profiling and restricting clients, some even use the same information in different ways. A good example of this would be IP address. Using the same IP address all the time is sometimes received positively believe it or not as to some it looks less suspicious than many different IPs. While others are the complete opposite because they think that many changes of IP signifies mobile gambling which is considered more impulse. All Betbutler bet placement was done using mobile internet for this reason. For the same reason bookmakers became suspicious. My ISP changes my IP about once every two months unless I re-boot everything. Like you said VPN is far from the be all and end all or even necessarily that useful at all. Some bookmakers don’t like clients who clear cookies and yet that is often a touted tip. Most hardened arbers I know use a fresh installed laptop a land line connection and delete nothing until all accounts are dead before starting the process again from scratch. We must never forget that bonus abuse, betting at best price, Each Way betting abuse, betting at the same time as smart money are all things which are so obvious that risk departments do not need any technology at all to spot you, you will stick out like a sore thumb on the trade ticker. I look forward to the insiders report.

  6. Stewboss says:

    Loads of fun reading the Betjam site. The clues are there for all to see as you suggested in the main article.

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