Matchbook offer

You will have noticed that the site no longer has affiliate banners anywhere. I will explain this in a post soon. In a nutshell, I am completely honest about bookmakers and a few affiliates closed down my accounts for speaking out about their practices and trying to help their customers. I will make sure that other affiliates know about their practices and also how they treat customers very soon.

Instead I will have Sportsbook reviews and these one off posts that will let you know of any good offers and good sportsbooks.

Today we have Matchbook. Pretty much Betfair but with only 1% commission. Last season they had 0% commission on the football markets and the liquidity was as good as betfair. This year might be a different story, but if you don’t have an account already then you can help yourself get better odds and help me out by signing up with the banner below.

Last year Matchbook was my 4th most used bookmaker.

They have a $£50 risk free bet for new customers.


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  • Hareeba

    Without doubt Matchbook is a must for any serious punter who bets on US sports and soccer. I’ve been using them for about 3 years and almost always find I can get better odds than at Pinnacle.
    But don’t be fooled by the 1% commission.
    Unlike Betfair they charge you win or lose.
    So effectively it’s ~ 2%.
    You risk $101 to win $99 at at evens quote. That’s 2%.

  • Hareeba

    Can’t wait to read what you have to say about the bookies who removed your affiliate status.
    They can’t handle the truth?

  • Daniel

    Hi Steve, great blog! When do you expect to release the ebook you’re working on?

  • Hey Daniel, it has taken a back seat. I will be updating current members in a few days about this.