Apr 9th – Apr 15th +$17,962.80

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  1. Buenos says:

    I am pretty sure that Keith’s results for this year include the “ante-post” bets on for example NFL. Which made a big profit apparently. So perhaps not directly comparable to those who joined around the start of the new year (as I did myself).

  2. Bryn says:

    I think some of those Gowi comments are harsh. Yes the prices plummet on release but just about all advice is given way in advance so plenty of time to place at a later time. Like everyone else I would prefer sign in at a set time with every tipster and get the prices advertised but that just isn’t realistic with most services, well the good ones anyway. By making only a small amount of additional effort (checking prices between 1-3 additional times before kick off or in play) Gowi’s results can be pretty much matched I have found personally.

    As an example Steve you have said previously your hands are tied because of the time difference yet I see you on Twitter or here or elsewhere at all sorts of times. Is it the time difference or just breaking the way you like to do things…….? That’s not said in a confrontational sense but more of a suggestion / question as I have personally found it useful to re examine ones habits and practices from time to time…. Perhaps its just me who is a stubborn habitual male… 😉

    I used to place all bets on all services at release but after reading posts like the above in a few places I changed that and started putting more effort in across the board and the results are worth it I have found. I make this effort for no other reason than it means more returns for me and I am trying to make this betting game a large part of family income

    Anyway just playing devils advocate and for anyone who thinks it is a load of old nonsense then feel free to duly ignore it ! 🙂

    Cheers Bryn

  3. Nice blog… I am reading it frequently. Congratulation for the 100k, that it’s impressive. I filled in the survey. Perhaps you can add my blog to your links: http://brucelaytrading.blogspot.ch/

    It’s not just a P+L blog, I talk about my days as a trader.

  4. Steve says:

    Added, good luck with the blog

  5. Steve says:

    You may be right as there is a small difference in the total bet. I went back and looked and I was only getting 3.8% worse odds over that time frame, so the Antepost bets did have a hefty profit. I will edit my remarks

  6. Steve says:

    Hi Bryn,
    We always need someone to let us know when we should take a step back and look at things again. So I thank you for that.

    I spent a month testing this concept of waiting until game time and also checking every few hours. For me after comparing everything, it was not worth the time. My experiment was simple, I placed the bets as I usually would straight away, then compared them to prices 3 hours later and prices just before kickoff. Over the month it was 0.8% better to place straight away. Add in the benefits of less time and that makes it an easy solution for me.

    I usually go to bed at 1am Australian time. Games start between 4-8am my time.

    I’m all up for change if it is going to produce better results, but after testing for a month the conclusion was that the way I was doing it was the optimal way.

    Bryn, this sort of commitment is what is (if it hasn’t already) going to make you one of the few profitable gamblers. Thinking outside of the box and doing everything you can to achieve the best odds is so important.

    The ClubGOWI service is great, it just isn’t for everyone.

    Thanks for the comment

  7. Tom says:

    Do you happen to have your Gowi return for just soccer?

  8. Steve says:

    Indeed I do. Since I started it stands at
    $230,153.00 $4,718.24 2.1%

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