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5 Responses

  1. Kizo says:

    Any profitable tipster is inevitably going to suffer from dropping odds. It doesn’t have to be because people that follow, it can be bookies themselves that are keeping an eye on his bets and correct. Glad ClubGowi works for you, didn’t work for me!

  2. Steve says:

    Hey Kizo, can I ask the reason it didn’t work for you? SBC released a report today on GOWI showing that you can wait till kickoff and achieve almost as good odds as if you bet them within a few seconds.

  3. Kizo says:

    Odds are must one thing. Those swings are bigger problem. And there were other things that were a bit more personal so wouldn’t discuss them publicly. Man nas ego problems.

  4. Steve says:

    Swings are something you just need to learn to deal with, I have yet to find any tipster who doesn’t have swings. Your correct about his ego, and within a week of becoming a member he wanted to kick me out of the service because I dared to say a bad word about his service, but we both decided to never talk to each other again and I’m happy with that, we have different world views. But I can understand that the service isn’t right for you, but honestly, if you can’t make this service work for you, im not sure if any others will be any better???

  5. Kizo says:

    I’ll write you an e-mail explaining what I am talking about. And yes, there are services that work for me just fine, much better than ClubGowi. Fact is we all have a different style and it does have to do with size of our bets. You outgun me there! And Australia is still a good economy!

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