Aug 6th – Aug 12th +$3,301.06

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  1. Rog says:

    Just a reminder of the check on Gowis Tennis and NFL stats without the anteposts. Cheers !

  2. vaidqs says:

    Hey! Have you ever tried evaluating what the results would be if you bet the lines instead of h2h when following Football Elite?

  3. Steve says:

    what do you mean lines? Asian handicaps? I bet the AH when he says to (DNB). But no, i don’t have the time to delve deep like that.

  4. Steve says:

    Hey Rog, I’m sorry, what did you ask before? I don’t have enough off these bets recorded for any statistical significance.

  5. vaidqs says:

    Yeah, AH lines. They would reduce the variance, yet I am not sure whether the results deteriorate significantly.

  6. Steve says:

    yeah, I believe the results would be even worse. But the variance would be greatly reduced. Even though I post weekly, I look more long term and can deal with long losing runs.

  7. Rog says:

    Ok I was referring to this conversation below. But If you do not have enough bets then maybe It doesn´t matter. But one thing Is sure that Is that his numbers are boosted by antepost bets.

    “Rog • 7 days ago
    Gowi has updated his results from Janaury 2013 to August 3rd 2014.American Football: Bets 55, Turnover 30,300, Profit + 9,920, ROI + 32.74%
    Tennis: Bets 140, Turnover 65,970, Profit 18,689 , ROI +28.33 %
    Steve do you know If much of the profits on those markets are from Antepost bets ?”

    “Steve Mod Rog • 7 days ago
    A very convenient time for him to update. If its from Jan then yes, that would include his antepost bets. What wonderful returns that all his customers can expect to receive.
    I will post my figures next to his figures for the same period in the next weekly update.”

  8. Tom says:

    PCG’s NFL and NCAAF are sent out in one weekly email, usually 2 days before the first game so there is no need to be awake when they come out.

  9. Steve says:

    Hey Tom, thanks for that. The issue will be if the lines move by the time I wake up and place the bets. As I said, nothing wrong with the service, it just might not be viable for Australians.

  10. Steve says:

    Sadly I joined in November or December and missed most of the antepost bets, so I couldn’t say. Once again, IF HE SHARED his results for all to see then we wouldn’t have so many questions. Sorry I couldn’t help.

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