Dailytrades Month 3 – 7 Results

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2 Responses

  1. peter johnson says:

    I would liked to have seen more information re the settings for both bookies and sports and the reasons for same.
    I am not sure I understand why there is a need for both settings for books and sports. Doesn’t this create a conflict?
    In the one example shown we have 5Dimes showing soccer at under 3 hrs. start and then we have sports showing soccer at under 2 hrs. ?
    Secondly,are you strictly observing the recommended 30% Kelly staking?

  2. Steve says:

    Hi Peter, I leave this info for members. They are free to ask other members about their feeds in the Slack channel or ask me in the chat available on the site.

    In regards to the Kelly staking, I am not strictly observing it. I am usually betting whatever the max is allowed at each bookmaker.


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