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  1. Ned Free says:

    Lots of feedback on Saturday stating that Neds had issues with site freezing…long delays with pages and difficulties getting a bet on.
    Put it down to teething troubles however not an ideal start.
    I’ll wait a couple of weeks before joining Steve to give them a chance to get their act together.


  2. Steve says:

    Yep, simply a case of not preparing for the amount of visitors they received. A pretty big mistake. It’s not hard to scale a website on Amazon these days.
    Site seems back to normal now and working fine for me. Will see how they go next Saturday.

  3. Barry says:

    Steve, I thought you were better than this. I’ve been punting now for 35 years from the days on track to tab’s and now the corporates. I’ve adapted well over the years and I signed up last Saturday. The site crashed all day, functions weren’t working, app wasn’t loading. I then jumped back on today, bets weren’t being placed when I was trying to, and many fresh problems occuring. This is inexcusable from an ex-CEO of Ladbrokes you say.

    I’m surprised your advertising such junk

  4. Steve says:

    Cheers Barry

  5. George Kardaras says:

    Dean Shannon restricted me when I won $15k at Ladbrokes. He is a true arsehole

  6. Scott Quayle says:

    I’ve been using them just this week. Site is going fine as far as speed goes, but I haven’t had a Saturday race day with them yet. There was a fair bit of action of Wednesday, and found no delay.

    I turned over about $1K, and did a withdrawal today. I just checked now and the money is in the bank.

    I think the sports odds need a little tuning. They are not terrible, but in NBA, for example, they were about 2 cents short of Sportsbet after Pinnacle had been hammered.

    More competition in this market is always good in my opinion. The Free Bet offer is worth the small effort to go there and give them a go.

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