How should Tipsters record their odds?

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  1. Andrew says:

    I often miss GOWI prices just after the tips go out, but normally get within a few % by waiting till nearer kick off or by going in-play. Keith’s analysis usually offers another in-play angle, too.

    The other night, for example, I missed the odds on over 2.25 in the Evian TG v Lyon game, but waited it out and ended up taking a price that was 7.7% bigger than advised.

  2. Tom says:

    Gotta agree, Gowi is becoming pretty bad. I can get his odds or maybe minus 2% if I’m there at that instant, but being even two minutes late it becomes a bit futile.

    Like Andrew I like look to make the bet inplay but that only really works for overs and favourites, trying to catch up on a + handicap with no goals is near on impossible.

  3. Steve says:

    Hi Brebbles. I think if anyone could make a model that beats starting price then they would never sell it, as they could get massive amounts on just before the game.
    I know most of the models I follow are long term profitable because I am betting early and beating the closing price on a consistent basis (this results in a lot of closed bookmaker accounts). Most of the ones I follow are recording these very early odds where liquidity is low and prices move very quickly.

    Hi Andrew: The few times I have waited for GOWI bets, they have never come back in. Last night the Fleetwood bet crumbled before I could get on, I decided to get up early and place the bet before the off and it came back a little but was still 12.6% worse then the recorded line. He is great at educating members about reading the situation and a team, but I believe he needs to educate them on when a bet is value, as there are people betting no matter what the odds. I saw odds on a WTA match go down 50% and people were still backing it. I am going to make it simple from here on in, If I cant get within 10%, I will not be betting it.

    Tom: 2% would make me very happy. I believe I am also getting the emails 10-30 seconds after most because of my location.

  4. Tom says:

    I’m just up the road in Sydney so I doubt there’s much difference. I use gmail though, who knows where their servers are.

  5. Steve says:

    Yep, would be non between us, but maybe we are both getting them a bit slower. Would love to test it against a guy from the UK

  6. Andrew says:

    I struggled with the Fleetwood bet, but I was able to back Fleetwood (0) and Fleetwood (+0.5) at prices which averaged out to 2.15. This was a good few hours after the tip was sent.

    I only bet if I can get within about 6% and I have missed just 1 bet in 2 months (it won, of course).

    I agree, however, that it would be nice to have minimum odds at which we should bet.

    The problem with GOWI is the stakes people are putting on: I know of people betting £1k/point and it would only take a few of them to wipe out the odds on Ligue 2, for example.

  7. Steve says:

    Hi Andrew.
    A minimum odds would be fantastic. It’s what a lot of tipsters do, but Keith is adamant he doesn’t want his service to be seen as a tipping one. Maybe the best option is to take away all bets and just send the overviews. Then without doubt he will be seen the way he wants to be seen. But then the majority would unsubscribe as like me, they just want to be spoon fed.
    It’s a tough position he puts himself in.

    Your right, at 1k per point, 1 bet from these guys is going to destroy the odds, and I’ve found it’s the big bettors who take things more seriously and employ every advantage they can to get the bets on before anyone else.

    I hope to be betting 1k per unit in the next few years. Would mean I have made a fortune from GOWI

  8. Edwin says:

    Hi Steve,

    Hopefully you made good profit with the football this weekend, football elite and TFA did well for me so should be good for you too.

    I am interested in joining ClubGOWI in the future.
    I know getting the odds is really a struggle but I was just wondering if you have been using the betbrokers ibramarket and sportmarket so far and if so, what are your experiences with them?
    Or do you solely use the asian bookies (12bet, sbobet and pinnacle sports) for ClubGOWI?

    Thanks in advance!


  9. Steve says:

    Hey Edwin,
    I use Sportmarket but it’s too slow for GOWI, so I just attack Pinnacle as quick as i can, which is also too slow.

    Can’t fault the service though, its great and even though your going to get over 5% worse odds and therefore worse ROI your still going to make a nice profit.

    Tell Keith I sent you 🙂
    He has not been happy with me being so mean to his service. But the only thing I have ever said and will continue to say is that the recorded odds are only attainable for the very quickest person.

  10. Edwin says:

    Hi Steve,

    Thanks for your reply!
    I guess it is a good tactics to only use pinnaclesports….liquidity is great and only placing bets with one bookmaker means you do not have to look for other prices with other bookmakers which can be very timeconsuming.
    The more timeconsuming it is to place
    the bets there is a chance you will get worse prices for the bets you
    still have to place because odds go down very fast.
    Placing bets with one bookmaker means you are able to place the very quick.

    I will tell Keith you recommend ClubGOWI:-)

    Did you also try betbroker ibramarket?


  11. Steve says:

    I used sportmarket, which is a very similar product from the same guys.
    They were my thoughts exactly in regards to just using pinnacle.

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