Feb 12th – Feb 18th -$7,868.37

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  1. Pawn_pt says:

    I’ll grab some popcorn, looking forward to read your post answering to Graeme’s. 😀 I think he has a point regarding your choices of systems, I don’t know how you did it, but it seems (he said) you got some correlated systems which will always leverage your return, either up or down… 50k losses due to soccer is so bad… and indeed there isn’t much more time to recover, hope next week will be a +20k week! Cheers,

  2. Steve says:

    Extremely correlated and I knew that going in. A few points I disagree with, just need to find the time to reply. I don’t know how Graeme can write so much and still work full time.
    A 20k week would be lovely, but I highly doubt it until AFL season starts back

  3. Matt Wheatley says:

    Hang in there mate. I’ve been inspired by your mindset before.
    Maybe dropping all football (round ball version) would help.

    I’m like you in that I love the round ball game, so it SHOULD be fun to bet on, but I’ve just never made any money betting on it.

  4. Steve says:

    Cheers Matt,
    My hope is that this season has just been a really strange one. Apparently that’s what the numbers say, but we cant be sure until the end of next season.

    Im sure it would save my sanity to drop them, but the potential is what keeps me going. I can bet so much more on Soccer then anything else and even if I can get my lousy historical ROI of 2%, that would give a very healthy boost to profits each year. Just got to keep going and hope I’m on the right side.

    Thanks again for the post.

  5. Vidar says:

    Good start on the rugby! Do you play the H2H or Line bets, or both? And if you don´t mind, what Kelly Fractional do you use and with what bank-size?


  6. Steve says:

    Hey Vidar,
    I’m just playing the H2H as the line and margin betting have not done well historically.
    $5,000 and full kelly.

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