July 9th – July 15th +$90.90

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  1. wah says:

    pro computer gambler is a service i am interested in but cant find any data on it. If there results are true and achievable i would join. You can check what previous odds were on betbrain i believe.

    What time do you put your bets on

    and i can not find any results for diamond edge where would i find them

  2. Steve says:

    I place my bets about 6 hours after they are released, so there is every chance the prices are available early. By them not rebounding it means PCG beats closing lines which is a very good predictor of a profitable edge.

    Diamond Edge can be found at http://www.statattacksports.com/

  3. wah says:

    i have looked at the diamond edge site but couldnt (cant) find results might be because ive only looked on my mobilei

    i had a look at one of the pcg proofing sites (cant remember which one off the top of my head) and they seemed to believe that they did not beat the closing line although had them in profit by about what they claim on their website

    i think i will hold off for a few months and see what happens

  4. Steve says:

    yeah, I think it was Picksmonitor. I’ve been told MLB isn’t PCG’s strong suit and the NFL is where it makes most of its profit.

  5. Hareeba says:

    So Steve, you’d recommend Diamond Edge?
    I can’t see any record of results.
    $395 USD for remainder of season seems a tad pricey?

  6. Steve says:

    No, i can’t recommend it based on its results for me, all I can say is the odds are achievable.

  7. Hareeba says:

    Yes, I see that you are in negative territory with them but there must have been something more positive which had you start subscribing?

  8. Steve says:

    was recommended by a friend who had followed for years, that coupled with the fact the odds posted are not only achievable but beatable leads me to believe past results are correct, and based on past results I would follow it.

  9. Veselin Stanchev says:

    I’ve only followed PCG for 5-6 months during 2 spells and would say that I’m pretty satisfied with it. Tom seems like a fair guy, have exchanged a few mails with him, the fee is pretty reasonable unlike any other US service. I don’t record odds stats as there are no advised odds for Totals bets but I’d say I achieve some 97-98 % of the odds which is good enough for ROI in the range of 2-4 %. Not bad for US market and I will definitely keep teh service.

  10. Steve says:

    Thanks Veselin,
    I guess I just need to sort out those line bets and my time difference.

  11. Pleunbhoy says:

    With lots of interest I’ve been following your blog. It really is an inspiration! One thing puzzles me….Why do you persist in using (and paying) tipsters that you are not happy with? Why don’t you just quit any tipster that doesn’t generate profit for you?

  12. Andrew says:

    Anyone who has been with GOWI for a while absolutely loves it, so I’m just hoping we are treading water with some big months coming up. Someone posted an article about the Pareto principle on your forum and that made me willing to wait a bit longer. I think GOWI’s results in September – November last year were quite phenomenal.

  13. Steve says:

    Hi Andrew, how long have you been with Gowi for now? While past data is important (but GOWI doesn’t share this apart from a simple ROI figure), Tipsters can easily lose their edge. I did write about the Pareto principle and how it can be used here. 80% of profits will come in 20% of the time. So most profit will come from just 2 or 3 months.

    My main concern and many others I talk with is his lack of transparent record keeping, his unwillingness to share his results so we can help him figure out where he is lacking and where he is great.

    I will need to wait and see with this service, I’m paid up til November I think, so will have a full years worth of data to work with by then.

  14. Andrew says:

    I joined in December 2013 so I’ve been with him almost exactly the same length of time as you. If we had joined 3 months earlier I think we would have a completely different outlook.

    We will also have missed out on almost all his antepost football bets.

    How long have the other people with concerns been with GOWI? Obviously I have concerns, but the real long-term members I speak to don’t. I am also starting to like the service and see some OK profit from it.

  15. Wayne says:

    Hi Steve! I can see you’re struggling and frustrated with some of the services out there? If really so, I can reveal one you don’t use and that might want to check it out? http://WWW.BETSOON.INFO using it since December 2013 and don’t regret. Try it yourself and you’ll see! 🙂

  16. Steve says:

    I have people who have been with him over 2 years saying they are ready to quit. It’s a lot of work too, and unlike other tipsters, 7pm release can be 10-15min either side of it.

    I also like the service, but I think I am wasting a lot of my time on some bets, but I just don’t know. I think I might get the same return for less work if I just placed antepost and weekend bets.

  17. Andrew says:

    Yeh, I don’t see what’s so difficult about sending the tips on the hour.

    It seems like whenever I say I’m starting to like the service, Keith goes through another one of his “episodes” where almost every bet loses.

    It’s a tricky one.

  18. Steve says:

    Problem is, with the results he shows on his site, he will continue to churn through new customers and therefore assumes there is no problem with how he runs the service.
    I assume his customers last maybe 2-3 months on average. They either join when he is on a bad run, or eventually work out they are not matching the odds. But I also notice the amount of really stupid members who will take a bet at any odds, I remember deciding to check on a single tennis match once and within 5 minutes they had driven the price down 37% and people were still betting it. Just ridiculous.. but then again, these are the people that help me make a profit, so I can’t complain too much.

  19. Andrew says:

    It would be interesting to see how our odds compare, given that we know I get the tips about 4 seconds before you.

    Also, you have me worrying about the way odds are recorded. I don’t want to reveal the tips, but today, for example, you know we have a bet on a golfer to finish in the top 20, but top 10 was also suggested at 6.50 and both are written as a ‘red type’ official selection.

    If this golfer does finish in the top 10, do you think the top 20 finish will be recorded or will the top 10 be taken?

  20. Steve says:

    Hi mate,
    Unlike most people who decide to follow tipsters, I know that short term doesn’t say anything at all. The only think I look at is if they record fair odds, can I get those odds and if the service will suit my risk profile.

    Now there are some tipsters who I do not like who look like they may make me money, then there are tipster I like who will probably lose me money. I like to be very sure that I am not going to make a profit with a tipster before I quit.

    But also it is a psychological issue too, once we decide to invest real money (and in my case, big money), into something, our brains then tell us that we must have made the right decision. To then go back on this and admit you were wrong and therefore stupid is a hard thing to do. There is a saying in the startup world which goes “Hire slowly, fire quickly”. It may be a mantra I need to follow in regards to tipster too.

  21. Steve says:

    Yes, happy to compare, I have decided to bet closing odds and only if I can get within 5% of his quoted odds, I believe I may be missing the winners and betting the losing ones, as a good way to measure if a tipster is profitable is to compare his bets against closing lines.

    In regards to how he records, it is a complete joke isn’t it. Circa 2.3-2.5, 3.8 is available at one place, so on. Who knows what he is recording at to get his results, I know I can not match anywhere near them nor anyone else.

    Already this month my profit is half of what his recorded odds show (and that’s only the ones where I got within 5%). I believe things need to change.

  22. Andrew says:

    Do you think the leagues GOWI bets in are liquid enough to make the closing line an efficient price? The reason I ask is that I remember Keith saying that he’s so confident in what he does that he will put more money on a selection if it keeps drifting.

    While I share your concerns about the way odds are recorded, I do not have the same number of complaints about the odds he suggests. I almost always see the odds Keith advises and if I miss them it’s because I’m too slow. You, on the other hand, do not stand a chance of seeing the odds I see.

    The 4 second delay between us receiving the tips gives me a massive advantage, to the extent that we are effectively following a different service.

    I think I suffer from a similar problem when it comes to PCG, as there must be a lot of American members getting the tips a few seconds before I do.

    I know how pragmatic you are when it comes to this stuff and I do think your location means you will always be swimming against the tide when it comes to GOWI.

    While his performance hasn’t been as good as last year, I reckon your opinion on the service would be much different if you came from the UK.

  23. Steve says:

    Yeah, I agree. It’s up to me to use the service as best I can based on my circumstances. While I don’t agree with how the service is run, I can’t blame him for my distance issues.

    That is why I have made the move to betting just before games start, so far it has worked out. Eventually when I have more data, I will also only bet certain types of bets at certain odds ranges.

    I think the leagues he plays in are big enough (for the most part) to produce efficient prices.

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