Mar 25th – Mar 31st +$21,515.71

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  1. rod says:

    Hi mate, glad you had a positive week. Im a big fan of your posts, thank you for the effort you put in to writing them. Looking at some of your earlier posts in 2011 a minus 9k week was a disaster back then, hopefully in a few years you can look back on these recent bad runs and think nothing of them.

  2. Steve says:

    Hey Rod, Thanks very much for the comment. I’ve actually never looked back over my old posts, but I do remember those days.

    I believe I am pretty close to the max I will bet in a given season, not only because of the risk, but the limits imposed by the bookies. I would happily triple my AFL bank, but no bookmaker in the world would take those bets (not even Pinnacle).

    But I do believe I will look back on this period and see it as normal variance, and be better prepared the next time it happens.


  3. wah says:

    Good to hear you had a good week my weekend was poor (which is a little unusual as i follow a lot of the same services as you and normally my portfolio performs a little better but lower stakes) mostly due to my use of free bets and bookmaker specials. I am feeling a little like you did last week (except i still work and this is mostly a hobby, the only one that makes me money). I need to take a look at all of my portfolio and staking (i beleive it may be a little out of balance) I am wondering if you or anyone else know of any good resources for this sort of thing.

    I think an article about how to set up a portfolio and modify it as time goes on would be very useful as a lot of your original members will be getting past the bonus bagging stage soon and moving on top betting portfolios.

    ps golf sucks and i wonder (i no longer use my service 2 winners last 3 weeks) if i can ever justify betting on it due to the bank sizes required

  4. wah says:

    excited to use sports bet again

  5. Steve says:

    Setting up your portfolio and bank (banksizes, leverage, so on). Is one section of the course I have had on the backburner for the past year.

  6. wah says:

    I know there were some good resources out there I just can’t remember where. I will be resetting at the end of soccer season as usual.

    More work for you and list of books and odds comparison sites for them.

    Just making sure I get my moneys worth from the daily 25 site(free)

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