May 2014 Review +$1,974.86

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8 Responses

  1. Geoff Comben says:


    How did you go on the horse racing?
    I notice you are betting the SP MLB totals. This seems promising and I note you can bet in the evening our time which is attractive. Any issues getting the required odds?
    PS I am off to Brazil tomorrow. How lucky am I?

  2. Steve says:

    I hate you Geoff. Lucky bastard. What games will you be watching?

    Horse racing is terrible at the moment. I will write a review on that soon. It would have brought this month into negative. I’m not sure if I should combine them or not. Something to think about.

    Yeah, so far so good for SP MLB totals. They come out at 6pm our time which is great. So far so good on the odds, but that usually doesn’t last long. I’ve actually found that using other books instead of Pin is the way to go.

  3. Geoff Comben says:

    Yeah I am reluctant to jump in yet on the MLB. Will keep a watching brief.
    There are some excellent horse racing tipsters around like Smartform and Champion Picks. Not sure who you are following.
    I am going to each of the Aussie games and to Belgium v S Korea. Hoping to get a ticket to the round of 16 game in Rio. All in all I am going to 6 cities and will get to watch some of the great teams in the world.

  4. Steve says:

    Keep rubbing it in Geoff. haha.
    Hope you have an awesome time. I wanted to go this year but no friends could get time off.

    I’m following Redbelly at the moment, I have not heard good things about Champion picks. Are you using them? How have you gone?

    I’ll continue to be everyones guinea pig for sports tipsters.

  5. Geoff Comben says:

    Yep I am using the Trial Spy service of Champion Picks. It has been very successful. All results are on their web page for each service. I have always found them to be very transparent.
    I previously used their ratings service which coincidentally was run by Ed Kennett who now runs Red Belly. I think using ratings is by far the best way to bet on horses but you need to be at the computer while the races are on so it did not suit me.
    For what it’s worth my brother has been following their Kiwi horse racing service and he tells me it is profitable.

  6. Steve says:

    How are their odds recording? can you get similar odds?

  7. Geoff Comben says:

    Getting the odds is not generally an issue if you have a Bet 365 account but I presume you don’t! If you don’t then you can usually get on at another bookie but Bet 365 will pay at best tote or SP if that is better than the price you took originally. The guy who runs the Trial Spy service has written quite a bit about it to members. I guess that it’s not a problem for me while I manage to keep my Bet 365 account.

  8. Steve says:

    Thanks Geoff,
    I’ll have a real good look into it. Looks like I’ll have to be on the waiting list for now. I’m on one of my last B365 accounts. They sadly don’t last very long.

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