Proof that online bookmakers lied to the NT gambling commission

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  1. Hareeba says:

    Steve, it really is clear that the NT Commission is complicit with these cowards.
    I had an account with Sportsbet and when told that I wasn’t permitted to take fixed odds on racing, I asked the Commission how that stood in relation to the then supposed obligation to take bets to lose at least $1,000.
    The Commission agreed with me to a point, saying that if they post odds which are visible when logged into your account then they must lay them. BUT it seems Sportsbet had a technical problem which meant that they couldn’t grey the odds out. So the Commission granted them, I think it was a month’s leeway to fix it.
    When after the time was up I still had odds displayed, I went back to the Commission and asked them if I am now within my rights to demand they lay the odds to $1,000.
    The Commission came back saying they’ve given them another couple of weeks (or whatever, I can’t recall the exact time) to rectify the problem.
    I still don’t know whether Sportsbet ever did rectify it because before the time was up I found that I no longer had access to my account with them or with IASBet.
    Much simpler than fixing the technical issue to just close a troublesome customer’s account!

  2. Steve says:

    In most cases it is down to incompetence on behalf of the governing bodies. They employ people who have no real idea of the problem and who want to cause as little trouble for themselves as possible and go home with their pay check at the end of every week. If they did the right thing they could be out of a job as the bookmakers might move.

    In regards to the graying out of fixed odds, the odds are still there, but when I click on them a big red sign comes up saying

    Warning: The bet type Fixed Price is not permitted for your account

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