September Fitness Review (+0.1 KG)

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  1. Mick says:

    Ah why keto I ask? So sad to see people get sucked into a keto diet, its so detrimental to ones health. Much like gambling, health and weight-loss is a long term game. And while I’ve seen people lose weight in the short term, the wheels always fall off. The weight comes back on along with a host of health problems to go with it. It does sound appealing tho, eat bacon, eggs and cheese and become lean and fit! It doesn’t do what it claims.

    Hope you can keep an open mind on this journey, Steve. Be observant with what people eat. Carbs don’t make you fat, fat makes you fat. I highly recommend watching what people eat in Japan when you’re there. Rice 3 x a day.. Most of their population is trim and healthy (lowest average BMI in the world). Actually all the leanest countries in the world are eating a high carb/low protein/low fat diet.

    A wholefood plant-based diet is by far the best diet we have data of. Clinically, its the only diet proven to reverse heart disease (the worlds biggest killer). Look into it. Youtube is a great resource, Check out videos of guys like Dr Esselstyne, Dr N. Barnard, Dr Garth Davis, Dr Mcdougall. All have done unbelievable work and research.

    Best of luck on your journey, feel free to flick me an email for more info.
    Also, check out Zwift! It’ll make indoor cycling fun, its awesome and will get you fit without leaving the house.

  2. admin says:

    Hey Mick,
    Thanks for the message. I did look into Zwift a while ago, but no chance I’m spending that sort of money before I can make biking a routine.

    One thing I have noticed in this space is everyone has their chosen tribe. It seems if you are not part of that tribe, you are wrong. I can see it here with you too, you ask me to “keep an open mind”, yet attack keto in your first paragraph.

    I’m happy to admit I have no idea what I am doing right now and am keen to learn, from my limited research I have decided on my first experiment (keto). So far the results have been excellent. I’ll continue the experiment until it fails (or works).

    But if that does not end up working for me, I will try something else. I can already see that keto will not work if I want to build muscle or if I want to travel. So I will likely use it to first lose weight and test if it is possible to build muscle with it before moving to something different.

    It’s an exciting journey and a very individual one.

    Thanks again for caring

  3. Dave says:

    Hope you approach fitness the same way you approach your betting: disciplined, methodical, looking at empirical data, measuring and then adjusting at the margins, taking a long term view.

    That should serve you well in your fitness goals. I won’t harp on about keto, paleo, IF etc. Do what works for you and keeps you in a calorie deficit (if weight loss is your goal). Good luck bro and keep up the great content

  4. admin says:

    Thanks Dave,
    That’s the plan. The great thing with weight loss compared to sports betting is as long as you have the calorie deficit, you will lose weight.
    If you do everything right, you get the result you want. WIth sports betting that isn’t the case.

  5. Dave says:

    Very true.

    Also, I know you don’t want advice but I can’t help myself! Getting a DEXA scan every 3 months is the best investment in health I have made.

    As a fellow analytical and stats-obsessed soul, this has helped me immensely with tracking progress – and also accountability.

    It also is my greatest weapon on the mental side of things, which as you rightly point out is the most important determinant of long-term success. I am always thinking about how my decisions right now will affect the next DEXA scan.

    Although putting your results on display in such a public forum is probably the best possible way to keep yourself accountable.

    Good luck mate – I will be watching 😀

  6. admin says:

    Thanks Dave, I’ve thought about it and am getting blood tests every few months, but a DEXA scan could be a good idea too. I think once I start trying to build muscle I will get them.

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