Please explain Pinnacle take 2

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  1. Veselin Stanchev says:

    HI mate, first congrats for the good read, I’m sorry I just found it somewhere around this last summer as one member of Secret Betting forum recommended your blog. About the Pinnacle multies, it has always been this way with them. I remember their explanation regarding this on their blog but it was really long ago (at least 3-4 years back) and I couldn’t find the article now even when googling it. So their explanation was something like this, they lower the multies odds because their single lower juice odds are a kind of promotion which runs only for single bets and not for the parlays. I can live with this explanation sincerely speaking moreover their parlays odds are still competitive on most occasions. I can live with Pinnacle even more after a day like today when one quite advertised UK bookie (Boylesports) rejected laying more than 6.20 EUR of my desired stake on a horse bet and this being the very first bet of a newly opened virgin account 🙁 Pathetic.

  2. Steve says:

    Hey Veselin,

    I really should join SBC, but never got around to it. I started this more as somewhere to just track my results for myself, but over the years people have started reading it and I have started writing some articles I feel might be helpful.

    Pinnacle did reply to my questions on twitter, they said “it comes down to modelling. Expected wager volume plays a large role in how our odds play out.” and then “Parlay models don’t account for non-parlay wagers”.

    Your right that even these lesser odds are usually better then almost everywhere else. But they said they are independent models and one does not affect the other, but that isn’t entirely true, as a move in the single odds sees the same % move in their parlay odds.

    This is sadly the same for every Australian book which has been bought out from these UK books, I just tried to place a golf bet and was allowed $3. I’m pushing for laws in Australia to be made to make sportsbooks take a bet to lose $1,000 as on course bookmakers are legally obliged to do.

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