WARNING, do not bet there

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  1. Chris says:

    Dont bet with them – they have restricted all aspects of my betting except AFL. They are affiliated with IASbet and those bookmakers are run by Irish bookmaker Paddy Power

  2. admin says:

    Agree completely Chris, and IASbet ads have also been removed. Ever since the UK books have started buying up the Australian books it has gone massively downhill. I believe it is time to speak up and let the mug punters know what will really happen to their accounts if they are even suspected of making a profit over the long term. 2013 will see a new site showing how terrible these bookies now are.

  3. Whilst it is true that ever since the UK bookies have bought up the aussie ones they have used their UK techniques to them (banning and limiting very quickly). I would say that your money is safe there. I cant say anything about affiliates tho, as I dont use their advertising. There are still lots of good aussie books out there

  4. admin says:

    Yes, your money is safe. Well there is some doubt, As we saw with the SportsAlive debacle, the organisations that are meant to oversee these bookies do not do a good job. I ended up losing over $5,000 because of SportsAlive and was very lucky, as at one stage I had over $40,000 in my account.

    But yes, the big Australian bookies are laughing and making a massive profit, Sports Gambling is starting to take off while the other forms are starting to decline. With the potential inclusion of Live betting in 2013, these bookies are set to probably quadruple their current turnover and profit.

    My issue is how they treat customers. I understand they are a business and like any business they can choose who their customer is. The main issue is with how they run their so called bookmaking, they do not have a traditional book like Pinnacle, instead their traders decide on a position and take risks instead of just profiting from the vig. This opens them up to much higher risk and that is why they are quick to ban anyone that shows any signs of potential long term profit.

    Anyway, no point ranting in my comments section where maybe 10 people will see this. I will be creating a new site in the new year to let the average punter know how these companies treat some of their clients, not in the hope of being allowed to bet large sums with them, but as Don Chipp said in 1977. I want to “Keep the bastards honest”

  5. love the idea of a new website to keep them honest. Maybe we should start up a book that treats people well? 🙂

  6. admin says:

    haha, That sounds good. But I can understand how hard that might be. As a business you want to make money and it could be hard to cater for the really large gamblers. But a smart max bet limit and never banning or lowering max bets of a user shouldn’t be too hard to create.

    If I ran a bookie and had sharp punters, I would use their knowledge to make more money, not stop them from betting with me.

  7. Maddo says:

    Hi Steve. Wondered who you currently bet with? I use sportsbet at the moment but as I am beginning to make more I think i will need to choose an alternative. Maybe Betfair I have heard will be appropriate? Cheers.

  8. Steve says:

    Hey Maddo, You should have accounts open with every single Australian bookmaker and only bet at the one with the best odds. Eventually if you win too much they will limit you.

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