Centrebet acting like a bookmaker

This is not an affiliate post. But I am happy to link to Centrebet because they are at least trying something new.

It’s shocking that a bookmaker acting like a bookmaker is news, but that’s the current climate we live in.

They are attempting to be a bookmaker. Shock horror. But not only a normal bookmaker, but the Pinnacle of Australian bookmakers.

They are putting up great odds on NRL, AFL, NBA and Horse racing and accepting bets up to very high limits.

For this AFL season they are putting odds up from 9am day of the game and taking bets up to $5,000. When final teams are announced they are taking bets up to $20,000.

Line bets are priced at $1.98 on each side and the H2H bets are 102% markets. They have been taking my bets without hassle.

To be honest, I have no idea how this is viable. I can understand it could work on the Horse Racing and the NBA (for different reasons), but the AFL and the NRL charge a turnover fee of about 1.3%. Horse racing also charge a fee, but the markets are 120%+.

Centrebet is owned by William Hill and from what I have seen, they are struggling and I guess this is their hail mary pass. I really hope it works and is sustainable.

This is how I see things panning out. In about 3 months they will realise they can’t make money, they will initially reduce the odds from 1.98 to 1.95 and then to 1.91. They will keep the promise of taking bets up to $5,000. I’m actually fine with that and believe this is the base standard that every Australian bookmaker should have.

Who knows how this will pan out, but take advantage of the odds and limits while you can.

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  • Bangbus

    I wouldn’t get too excited.. Centrbet is a William Hill wolf in sheeps clothing. I joined a few months ago after hearing Centrebet would be relaunched and aimed at serious punters. I’m already limited to $0..even on match day markets..

  • Not sure what the issue is here? They have made it abundantly clear that they are only taking bets on certain Horse racing and Power bets for sports.

    I agree, it’s likely it won’t last long, but I hope it does.

  • Walker j

    Just tried to have a tennis bet, best price but no arb or steam, doubles match, $25 rejected, they took $5. But yeah at least if they go low vig and high limit on the bigger sport they might one day get it